October 12, 2017

Positive Women

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Commissioned by The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, the film analyses how criminalization impacts positive women who are trying to live their lives in the shadow of stigma, discrimination and fear and how the law puts them at further risk.

Alison Duke

Alison Duke is the Senior Producer at Goldelox Productions, a Toronto-based film and video company that produces films that bring diverse audiences together to affect positive social change.

Janet Butler McPhee

Director of Communications and Advocacy at the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.

Alison Symington

Alison Symington is an advocate, a legal researcher and a manager, passionate about human rights, gender equality and social justice. Previously, she was Co-Director of Research and Advocacy at the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.

Eugene Weis

Eugene Weis has worked in the film industry as an Editor for over a decade and is trusted by top directors and industry professionals in the Canadian film business.

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