December 9, 2017

Changing Seasons

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The Senior Guyanese Friendship Association, is an active group of seniors who have been meeting in Toronto’s vibrant and diverse Flemingdon Park community for over 40 years. Their stories about immigration and participating in this group will warm your heart!

Alison Duke

Producer, Director, Editor
Alison Duke is the Senior Producer at Goldelox Productions, a Toronto-based film and video company that produces films that bring diverse audiences together to affect positive social change.

Robin L.P. Bain

Director of Photography
Robin has worked in the camera department on several high profile projects such as Manufacturing Consent, How Wings are Attached to the Backs of Angels, and When Dreams Take Flight.

Jalani Morgan

Jalani Morgan is an established Toronto based photographer, visual historian and photo editor who is known for his editorial, documentary and gallery collected work both nationally and internationally.

Sandra Brewster

Associate Producer
Sandra Brewster is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto. Her work has been exhibited nationally and abroad, engaging many themes that grapple with notions of identity, representation and memory.

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