October 12, 2017

Mr. Jane & Finch

Alison Duke - Mr. Jane and Finch - Winston LaRose
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Mr. Jane & Finch is a feature documentary introducing Winston LaRose, a dogged octogenarian activist, amateur filmmaker and photographer, and his vast archive in the Jane and Finch corridor of Toronto. Known as Mr. Jane & Finch for standing up for this community, Winston LaRose goes there daily to infect change and will not rest until his efforts to combat the stigma in his community take hold. Mr. Jane & Finch brings to light how an unwitting steward of black Canadian history can be a source of education for us all.

Sam Pollard

Executive Producer
Sam Pollard is an accomplished feature film and television video editor, and documentary producer/director whose work spans almost thirty years.

Alison Duke

Alison Duke is the Senior Producer at Goldelox Productions, a Toronto-based film and video company that produces films that bring diverse audiences together to affect positive social change.

Ngardy Conteh George

As a Sierra Leonean-Canadian, Ngardy Conteh George always wants to tell stories of the African Diaspora; as a director she has achieved this. She is also an accomplished video editor working on various documentaries and television shows.

Sonia Godding Togobo

An accomplished director and television editor with over 15 years of media experience, Sonia enjoys sharing her industry experience. She builds bridges in the Canadian media industry to make it more accessible to youth and marginalized communities.

Mark Valino

Director of Cinematography
A Visual Misfit, Director / Producer / Editor / Videographer, Mark collaborates to show life on the screen as wondrous and spectacular as he sees it. His visual style is dynamic and intuitive and it continues to evolve everyday. youtube.com/user/valinoVISUALS

Spek Won

SPEK WON is an award-winning hip-hop producer and emcee. His music can be found at soundcloud.com/spekwon

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