Current Projects

Winston LaRose photographed at the intersection of Jane Street and Finch Avenue West.

Mr. Jane & Finch

Mr. Jane & Finch delves into the black experience as captured by activist and amateur filmmaker/photographer Winston LaRose who has been filming since the late 40s. Through his sharp eyes, both past and present, he reveals how aspects of history repeat and allude to what the future may hold.
Mothering in the Movement

Mothering in the Movement

The joy and burdens of black mothers are revealed through the lens of educator/street photo journalist Laurie Townshend as she documents four activist mothers raising their children while changing the world through their art and activism. Do Black Mothers’ Lives Matter? Yes! Now more than ever.
Black female posing for mug shot


The life story of a black woman living with HIV is explored in this powerful fiction film inspired by true events. DISCLOSURE delves into unchartered areas of how the criminalization and surveillance of HIV positive women and their children weaves a dark and dangerous web.