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“A 'Jill of all trades, master of none' is oftentimes better than 'a master of one'.”

Alison Duke is a filmmaker and owner of Goldelox Productions, a Toronto-based film and video company producing films that works with producers, directors and artists on projects that brings diverse audiences together to affect positive social change. In 2016, Alison executive produced the Akua Benjamin Legacy Project with five black female filmmakers from Toronto. This series of five award-winning short documentaries celebrate the legacy of Toronto's renowned black activists; Gwen and Lenny Johnson, Marlene Green, Rosie Douglas, Dudley Laws and Charles Roach. She will direct DISCLOSURE in 2018 and has several films in development including:

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Goldelox Productions: Affecting positive change

In 2001, I formed Goldelox Productions – a boutique film, video and multimedia production company - to create digital content that inspires positive change in the world.

My goal is to uncover hidden stories, build awareness about important causes and issues, and aggregate people into action or to tell their own stories. It is a fabulous journey and I am grateful to have collaborated with many amazing artists, communities and organizations.

My films bring people together to affect positive change.

My work creatively provides a space for people to engage with issues, discover how they affect individuals and show how they personally can get involved.

I am a storyteller and you are too.

- Alison Duke
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